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How it all started...

After seeing the televisionshow 'Don't Worry, be Happy', that follows artist Jean-Pierre Letienne (JP), Belgian designers Sofie & Kristof decided to contact him. His work touched their souls and they asked him if he would like to collaborate to develop his art on carpet and plexiglass. Jean-Pierre was immediately enthusiastic and a wonderful collaboration arose from the various conversations. 

beeld 03.jpg



About Jean-Pierre

People got to know Jean-Pierre Letienne last year as he starred in the program "Don't worry, be happy" on the Belgian commercial channel. Belgian viewers were introduced to the free-spirited, positive tattoo artist. Through the tattoo scene he gained a lot of knowledge and experience in different styles.

In recent years, JP has put a lot of emphasis on the artistic. After he had realized his American dream in 1999, it was time for a creative rebirth. JP needed some kind of inner peace which he found in the world of art.  

In 2018 he decided to start living as a nomad and travel around in his converted van. A very important step to no longer being dependent on society. Being an artistic has made his life more complete. By locking himself up every weekend, he was able to develop his own distinctive style. 


Jean-Pierre makes no secret of his admiration for the oeuvre of Pieter Breughel (1530-1569).

How Breughel works with different scenes in his works gives him a lot of inspiration. In addition, the cryptic scenes and bizarre creatures of Hieronymus Bosch., Salvatore Dali and several other great artists are a source of inspiration. 

Zelfportret-B 9-6-2017.png

In terms of creativity, we can see in the work of JP what his mood is like. From joy, color and exuberance often arise. Anger and frustration then creates eroticism and black and white work. 

Jean-Pierre is someone who constantly challenges himself with new projects. When he (exceptionally) takes on a commissioned work, he first talks extensively with the client so that the works have a personal touch.


The mediums he uses are pencil, acrylic, markers, colored pencils, pentel brush, tearing techniques and watercolor. His works consist of collages, paintings and drawings in the form of abstract or magical realism.

JP can best be described as a spiritually inclined anarchist with self-imposed literary freedom.


Gebarsten Concrete Wall


The title Chesterfield is inspired from the rock-solid English seat manufacturer. Jean-Pierre sees a resemblance in the furniture and in woman. Both are beautiful but can be or feel harsh. They both can be cold in winter, warm in summer.

chesterfield 02 sim.jpg


Jean-Pierre drew 'Le voyage du Verseau' (The journey of the Aquarius) at the start of the lockdown in 2020. It is about traveling in and to another era. About the crossing from one period to another. We are currently in an era of change. In this work Jean-Pierre is mainly inspired by the Bible and by the constellations Aquarius and Pisces. 

Text from Luke 22:10 "And He said to them, “Behold, when you have entered the city, a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; follow him into the house which he enters.

Jesus, who in Christianity symbolizes the fish (Ichthus), tells his apostles that a new era is coming.

Tapijt 01-140x200 1-8 new small2.jpg

The oeuvre of JP is very suitable to be made on carpets. The first 2 beautiful designs to be offered for sale are 'Chesterfield' and 'Le voyage du Verseau'.

These 100% wool carpets are unique pieces made in size 2.00/1.40m and are a wonderful addition to any interior. They are made in Belgium.

Other JP designs are also available.  

White Gewassen Hout
Gainsbourg print web.png


Various pieces are sold on plexiglass. They all are numbered and made on only 8 pieces and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Several original artworks have been sold in the past, but with detailed photo's, we were able to reproduced these designs on plexiglass. 

These 0,8cm thick plexiglass plates are all supplied with 4 stainless steel spacers.

Standard size is 0.70/0.90m

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